Innovation for your wellness

Innovation for your wellness


All useful information about the company is now summarized in the new website, with, among other things, access to the general products catalogue.


Introduction of the PROFILED systems, a stand alone product which allows multicoloured light effects in different wellness areas..

New customer in France

Following  the presentation of the PROFIMAX concept associated with the TACTILIS keyboard with OLED display, a major French company will be seduced and will start a close partnership with VALANTIS to develop its professional range..

BIG 5 Fair in Dubai

Presentation of many new products during this exhibition. In particular the PROFIMAX whirlpool concept, which will become a reference in the world of balneotherapy. This exhibition was an ideal opportunity to forge close links with companies from the Middle East,...

New products for the belgium market

VALANTIS becomes the exclusive supplier of a Belgian manufacturer of balneotherapy baths (see A complete range of products using the CONQUEST keyboard is created especially for him. This range is designed for high-end applications. In parallel, for...

Electronic system F8/F6

The whirlpool system F8/F6 is introduced to an important  Swiss customer active on the European balneotherapy market. The system provided allows intuitive control of the different functions of the massage bath